This book is proposed to give a brief and bona fide article of what Islam remains for in an objectivity of The status of women in the public eye. The teachings of Islam are construct basically with respect to the Quran (God’s disclosure) and Hadith (elaboration by Prophet Muhammad S.A.W).

 The Quran and the Hadith, appropriately and fair-mindedly comprehended, give the essential wellspring of confirmation for any position or perspective which is ascribed to Islam.

The book begins with a brief study of the role of women in the building of the islamic society. It then spotlights on this real issue: What is the position of Islam in regards to the status of woman in the public arena?Women are one of the pillars of good society; for this reason, islam gives rights and inheritance for women to raise the spirit and to give credibility for this important sector of the society. The the book exposes the necessity of woman’s contribution and obligation in building the family and society.

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