Beneficial Stories From Riyad us Saliheen(taken from the works of) -Shaykh Muhammad al-Uthaymeen

Publisher’s Description:

Stories are from the best methods used to educate, purify the soul, polish the heart, and cultivate good character. This book—Beneficial Stories From Riyad-us-Saliheen taken from works of Shaykh al-Uthaymeen—is filled with classic stories containing wisdom, fiqh, and knowledge which are essential for every Muslim household.

From the many stories explained in this book are:

*A Prophet, the Sun, and the Spoils of War    *Two Women and the Wolf

*A Prophet Beaten by His People                    *The Miracle of Sa’d ibn Abi Waqas

*The Miracle of Saeed ibn Zayd                       *The Leper, Bald Man and Blind Man

*The Boy and the Magician                              *The Rope of Zaynab

*A Woman from Paradise                                 *The Mother Bird

*The Bedouin Who Urinated in the Masjid     *The Man Who Lived Far From the Masjid

*Abu Israel                                                        *The Arrogant Man

*The Crying Tree Trunk                                   *The Property

*Usamah ibn Zayd and the Pagan                 *The Death of the Son of Abu Talha

*The Man Who Killed One Hundred People    *The Three Who Showed Off

*The Companions of the Cave                       *The Garden of Abu Talha Al Ansari

*A Mother and Her Two Daughters                *Juraij the Worshipper

And many more!